Staying up to date with the iOS dev community

I’ve seen a lot of people asking how to keep up to date with the iOS dev community, so I decided to share a list of websites I try to visit frequently:

Must read

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Faux Pas – inspection tool for Xcode projects


I just came across a great tool, called Faux Pas.

Faux Pas inspects your iOS or Mac app’s Xcode project and warns about possible bugs, as well as about maintainability and style issues.

It’s in Beta right now, so everyone can download it for free and play with it.

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iOS image caching. Libraries benchmark (SDWebImage vs FastImageCache)

photos_time_screen1. Introduction

In the past years, iOS apps have become more and more visually appealing. Displaying images is a key part of that, that’s why most of them use images that need to be downloaded and rendered. Most developers have faced the need to populate table views or collection views with images. Downloading the images is resource consuming (cellular data, battery, CPU, …), so in order to minimize this the caching model appeared.

To achieve a great user experience, it’s important to understand what is going on under the iOS hood when we cache and load images.

Also, the benchmarks on the most used image caching open source libraries can be of great help when choosing your solution.

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Worthy iOS development tools


A while ago I published a compiled list of Worthy iOS libraries. A list of iOS dev tools will complement that, so here it is…
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Worthy iOS libraries

framework_iconWhether we like it or not, iOS (and MacOS X) development has significantly evolved during the past years. A big part of that is how we write code, reuse it and rely on open source to build great products.
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